Precision Farming 

Empowering Growth With Real Data

What We Do 


Data-driven solutions and high-performance hardware intended for increased resource efficiency and yield, constitute an important tool for every fish farmer.

GO Smart supplies the farmer with the necessary technologies to analyze water quality as well as fish biomass, mortality, and behavior. Thus, providing essential information needed for precise data-based decision making, enabling better management tools, livestock monitoring, and precision aquaculture.


Precision Fish Farming will contribute to promoting commercial aquaculture from the traditional experience-based to a knowledge-based production regime. This can only be achieved through the increased use of emerging technologies and automated systems.



A fully integrated online system, providing continuous necessary data for optimal farming performance. 

Big Data
Remote Use
Online Tracking
Real Time
Low Cost
Artificial Intelligence 
One Unit per Cage

Precision Fish Farming


 The Team

Yossy Melchner



Ychiel Swimer

Product Director
Co - Founder

Nir Gilad


Ron Shavit

Business Development



Avi Bar Shalom

Partner & CSO

Menachem Zeigfinger

Electronic Engineer

Doron Yechezkel

Embedded Software Engineer

Amitai Peleg

Mechanical Engineer

Avi Bar-Shalom CSO

Our goal is to bring the top cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Big Data, Cloud services, and Machine Learning, to the aquaculture industry.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement

No 683610


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